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Community, meet utility. A token to unite the finest minds in web3.

Pop consists of 2,777 generative ERC-721A NFTs with a full spectrum of rarity and 1/1 tokens. Proceeds from the collection will be allocated to bake in even more utility for both Genesis and Pop members, and fund the development of splashy product drops.

Pop is designed by Stewart Scott-Curran, and an ensemble of 10 secret 1/1 artists that will be revealed after the drop. Spoiler: Expect surprise rarity mechanics built into the traits and their reveal.

Rooted in the heritage of CPG pop art (from Lichtenstein to Warhol's Campbell's Soup Cans), Pop features modern interpretations of nostalgic products utilizing a variety of mediums: risograph, prints, 3D models, GAN imagery and more.

We expect you'll love the art. But we believe you'll stay for the utility.

To enter this raffle, you must have a minimum of 2.55 ETH in the wallet you want to mint with.

Raffle has closed

Please check the #partnerships channel in Discord or use the form to check if your address was selected.

Mint Date

May 14, 2022


2.55 ETH

Max per wallet




This project has already minted.

This project has already minted.

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